Monte Carmo 1389 m above sea level.

This the most pleasant trip if you don’t know the west coast and its outback.

Monte Carmo is the highest mountain of the area and from which you can see a lot of places. It won’t take you long to reach the top and once you will arrive at the cross you will find a breathtaking view of 360°. You will be able to see Corsica on clear mornings and Monviso. It’s possible to see Monviso from the sea. Isn’t it incredible?

Briefly, if you like mountains, walking, taking pictures, take a break from the beach life and enjoy amazing landscapes. This excursion makes for you.

So … do you think that it will take you all day?

No, it won’t. It isn’t so far

If you wish I will accompany you with my car where the trail starts and we will reach the cross, which takes about 5 hours we will return back to the Bed and Breakfast La Pietra Ligure, where the trip started it.

To take part to this excursion, it would be better to be fit, to wear trainers and sport outfit.

The only thing that you have to do it is take some water and some snacks with you.

I recommend you to have a very tasty lunch at Rifugio Pian delle Bosse..

What else?

If you asked me: what about doing it? I haven’t got the answer.

You must do it

Further information and prices, please to contact me by phone or e-mail. I recommend you to visit the website


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